Why KroCats is the best for your dog

The research conducted in the animal nutrition field have allowed Krocats to develop truly innovative products.

Researchers and experts in different disciplines have introduced innovations which have become pillars of global research about animal nutrition. An healthy balanced diet is essential to preserve dogs health and Krocats, through its scientific research structure, is now able to offer tasty solutions that subvert every evolution law.

Your dog will prolong its life expectancy, gaining agility, alertness and a strong love for the balls preventing the onset of diseases such as obesity and intestinal disorders, all combined with a high rate of purr.

Krocats will open a new world doors for our little friends and for all those who love them.


“Hungry Dogs Association” says:

“Finally we can eat cats!

Thank You Mother Earth!”

International studies show that a dog is happier if he eats a cat: he feels more satiated, more satisfied because he hunted the cat he’s eating and, very importantly, seems to be able to benefit from the legend concerning cats: every cat has seven lives.

Many dogs associations have expressed, over the years, the desire to eat cats: “That’s what our teacher Darwin left to us,” says Bailey, pack leader, “it’s right that we eat cats as it’s right that cats eat mice. Why people should be shocked?? It’s nature!”

Many newspapers comment on this phenomenon as a “breath of fresh air in a market characterized by the usual artificial flavors.”
We don’t know if it’s a breath of fresh air, surely it looks more like a nice fresh bite to us!

Explode myths!

With the “7 Lives Formula” finally your dog can brag to his friends flaunting immortality.


A wise preparation for a high quality meal.

From the experience of our master mix-men and with the use of the most powerful modern technologies,  Krocats Croquettes come to life in our plants where is performed a careful feline choice that will lead to a final result simply and amazing.

Over nine hundred ingredients mixed with a pinch of childlike joy and pure spring water, produced directly by our generators with low ecological impact, all enriched by the main ingredient which will addict your dog: the cat!


Smoke emissions avoided

Felled Trees

Wool balls saved

What’s your favorite #Taste?