Our customers are so satisfied to lick the bowl too!
Buy the best for your Dog!



Our customers are so satisfied to lick the bowl too!
Buy the best for your Dog!


If dogs could talk, certainly they would make a wish:
to eat croquettes with CATS!

Finally, their wish came true! Dogs around the world, rejoice!

KroCats is the first brand of Croquettes for dogs that contains Cats; plus, it gives your dog the exclusive choice of THREE tastes!

Let’s discover how KroCats works!

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KroCats gives you the unique opportunity to book your favorite flavor!

What is your dog’s favorite taste? European cat, Siamese cat or Persian cat?
If you are undecided … book it all!

I’m digging all day and after that I’m SO hungry! Finally someone has realized that for us there’s nothing more good than a good Cat!!


Chief Digger of the Garden

EHY bro! These croquettes ROCKS!! The Persian one is amazing! A crazy modern-exotic-wtf stuff i LOVE! Really, try it!


Sniffer / Skaters

I am very picky when we talk about dog food. Almost all other Croquettes have a plastic taste. Or worse, VEGAN. KroCats is my favorite brand. That’s it.


Croquettes lover

For my puppies I always want the best: these croquettes help their development and the growth of the fur! Perfect!


Tea-at-five lover

Me and my lady adore these croquettes: the taste remind us of the days when we ran trough parks to catch cats. Good times!

Captain Johnson and his Lady


I’m a classical american dog: sofa, croquettes, croquettes, croquettes! KroCats offers the best quality! Seriously I think I can eat these all day long!


I like eating!!